Are Medigap Plans Legitimate?

If you’ve never heard of Medigap before, it can certainly sound like some sort of scam on the internet. However, Medigap is just a catchy name for a Medicare Supplement Plan.

Medigap is the nickname for a Medicare Supplement Plan. Medigap got its name due to the fact that its purpose is to help cover the “gaps” in your traditional Medicare Plan.

What is Medigap, exactly?

Medigap plans are sold by private insurance companies. They are meant for individuals who need assistance in covering medical expenses that their Medicare plan doesn’t cover.

While it doesn’t hold any joint plans for married couples, there are many options available. Best of all, they are federally regulated, so you don’t have to worry about the illegitimacy of a Medigap plan that you choose. If you find that Medicare Parts A & B have bills that are hard for your to cover on your own, a medicare supplement can assist with that for a low monthly premium.

Best of all, you can contact a Medigap specialist and learn about what discounted options may be available for yout.

You can speak to a licensed agent about Medicare and Medigap and find out if a Medicare supplement is right for you.